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What are Tourist Buses?

A demand that continues to grow in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Spanish coasts.

All Inclusive Tourist Bus

The best of 2 worlds...

Enjoy the best of hotels without staying in them!

The Tourist Buses are your opportunity to enjoy the best facilities of Hotels and Spas at a much lower price than a hotel stay.

Just like that, the tourist bus allows you to have access to a series of infrastructures and services that may or may not include breakfast, brunch or lunch as well as spa services, without forgetting access to the swimming pool and relaxation areas of the hotel.

Tourist Buses around the world

The Best Plans at the Best Hotels in the World…. at the Best Price!









Tourist Bus for Residents

Many hotels offer tour buses for both visitors and locals. However, look carefully at the offer you are interested in and check if there is any special price for residents. To date, there are not many special offers for residents, but there are more every day.

These resident tour bus discounts usually occur at times of the season when hotels are somewhat less busy. For example, between April and June in the case of the Canary Islands and in May, June and September and even October in the case of the Balearic Islands.

Outstanding Tourist Bus Offers

Our selection of destinations...more and more every day!

Sightseeing bus in Berlin to enjoy with your family, as a couple or even alone.

The first tourist bus offers in Barcelona are already available.

The first tourist bus offers in Budapest to enjoy with your family and friends.

Tourist bus in London where demand outstrips supply this year.

Enjoy your sightseeing bus in Edinburgh to discover the city at a bargain price.

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